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Flintstones Party

Cut out bones and clubs from construction paper.

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    Decorate with caveman-like items.
    You can use colored balloons and decorate with black tissue paper triangle cutouts (like Pebbles dresses).
    Purchase Flintstones coloring books and have the kids color pictures to hang on the wall.
    Create a cave with a large cardboard box.


    Get small amounts of material at a craft store (orange, brown and black).
    Create a simple caveman outfit.
    No need for sewing.
    Just cut the orange material like a tattered skirt seen on the Flintstones.
    Make it wide enough to tie around a little girls waist.
    Glue on triangles made from the black material or black felt.

    For a boy take the brown material and cut it so it will tie over one shoulder.
    You can also cut the bottom to be tattered and glue on black shaped triangle or circles.


    Sugar Cookies:
    Shaped like bones and clubs.

    Sticks and Stones:
    A pretzel and M&M's plain party mix.
    Place the mix in a big bowl.
    Save your plastic Easter eggs and let the kids use them to hold the mix.
    Say they are dinosaur eggs.

    Rock Candy Necklaces:
    Use candy necklaces sold at candy stores or make your own with string and Froot Loops.

    BamBam Clubs:

  • Pretzel rods
  • 2 squares of chocolate or almond bark
  • Sprinkles (preferably the colored sugar or small ball types).
    Makes about 15 (depending on how much chocolate you put on each rod).

    Pour sprinkles in a square pan or round bowl.
    This will allow the pretzels to be rolled in it.
    Melt the squares according to package.
    Dip rods about halfway into the melted chocolate.
    Roll in sprinkles and lay on wax paper to cool.
    After they are completely cooled, you can store them in a plastic bag.

    These can be made a day or two before the party as long as the bag is kept sealed.

    Dino Dogs:
    Either small hotdogs or pigs in a blanket.
    Of course be careful with the little ones.
    They may need theirs cut up.
    You could also use corndogs.


    White Castle hamburgers in the frozen section are great.
    Otherwise you can create your own small hamburgers and put them in square dinner rolls.

    Dinosaur Eggs:
    Use fruity Pebble cereal.


    Any juice with a berry flavor (BamBam Berry).
    For little ones pear or peach juice (call it Pebbles Pear or Peach Passion Punch). ACTIVITIES

    As an arrival activity, set up a corner and make a sign that says:

    Caveman Coloring Corner

    Let kids color favorite pictures of their Flintstones characters.
    Use a coloring book and separate pages.

    Set out Dixie cups with assorted crayons.

    Search the internet for photos to print.

    Cover a wall with poster boards or roll paper.
    Let the kids pretend they are coloring the cave walls.


    Bedrock Bowling:
    Set up a plastic bowling set for the kids to knock down pins.
    Any pins knocked down win a prize.
    Everyone receives consolation candy.
    If you don't have a bowling set, make one using 2 liter soda bottles.
    Wash them out and peel off labels.
    Fill with colored tissue paper or colorful shred.
    Use any small ball you may have.

    Save boxes or ask your local grocery store for some.
    Cut off all flaps.
    Decorate the sides to have two stone tires connected with the wood shaped like >---< .
    Paint it on or glue on construction paper shapes.
    It's best to create 2 or 3 for the kids to pretend they are riding in the Flintmobile.
    Don't forget the license plate that says BEDROCK.

    Dino Ring Toss:
    Use a stuffed dinosaur or a dino waterbottle that can be used for a ring toss game.
    If using a water bottle, fill it with water or sand to stand on its own.

    One, Two, Yabba Dabba Do!!!!!:
    Get everyone together to shout Fred's favorite's words.
    See who can sound most like Fred!

    Bedrock Quarry:
    Set up toy trucks, bulldozers and play rocks for the kids to pretend they are working at the Bedrock Quarry.
    Make a huge BEDROCK QUARRY sign.

    For play rocks, buy bouncing rock balls (1 1/2 inch rubber), though these are not recommended for children under 3.
    For the younger ones, make your own rocks by rolling some newspaper into small ball.
    Place it inside a brown paper lunch bag, crumple up the lunch bag to form a ball and use tape to secure it.
    Make lots of these for your quarry.

    Use the bouncing rocks as favors for the older kids.

    Stick the Spot on Dino:
    Have a picture of Dino blown up and cut out black spots from construction paper.
    Place tape or removable picture tape squares on the back of the spots.
    Play just like the traditional Pin the tail on the Donkey.

    Rename the game:
    Pin the Bone in Pebbles Hair or Pin the Club in BamBam's Hand.

    There are many variations to come up with. 

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